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Providing volumetric concrete to the Eastern Shore of Maryland!

Why Choose Us


No More Waiting

Our trucks can operate throughout the day and production is made on site


Only the Exact Amount

Volumetric concrete allows you to mix only the exact amount needed for a project, no over-estimating necessary

Cost Saving

You pay only for what you need, saving you money!

Why Cement Techs MD?

Cement Techs MD LLC is a concrete manufacturer that provides masonry, construction aggregate, and residential and commercial concrete products to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
We specialize in both residential and commercial projects. We look forward to serving you!

PO Box 8 Church Hill, MD 21623

(443) 262 1533

(443) 262 1534

Cement Techs MD LLC Truck

Only the Best


Saving You Money

Don’t pay for over estimating in concrete mixing! Control your concrete with our volumetric concrete trucks.


On Site Production

Our concrete mixer trucks are mobile concrete plants on wheels! We use these trucks to mix concrete on the site — meaning you will only get the best quality concrete for your use!


ACI Certified

Cement Techs MD has an ACI Certified Technician on site! 

Cement Techs MD LLC Truck pouring concrete

Did you know? We also deliver sand & stone!

“[Cement Techs MD] was quick to respond, schedule, and did a great job on my property sidewalk! I’m so pleased with how it turned out.”

Courtney – Homeowner

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PO Box 8 Church Hill, MD 21623

(443) 262 1533

(443) 262 1534